Wood Matters

Our work is driven by a love of trees and an ever-evolving understanding of their nature. We believe in Good Wood.

GOOD WOOD [goo d woo d]


1) An immeasurably valuable, natural living substance, to be protected and handled responsibly, though often used to considerable waste.

(2) The product of a tree valued by its community that, when felled by an act of nature or man, is treated respectfully and with great consideration.

(3) Wood that is able to command the woodworker rather than be commanded.

(4) The only plant material Moran Woodworked Furniture creates furniture or sculpture with.

(5) Wood with a story.

Where Our Wood Comes From

Our wood comes with a story. Each log or board is from a unique circumstance; we travel anywhere from cross-country to across the street to find wood that fits into our Good Wood ideology. It comes from family run mills where sustainability and ecological soundness are essential values. We salvage recycled boards and storm downed trees. We have trees that come out of relationships with local tree removal services and our community, which allows us to save them before they reach the dump.

Putting Wood Together

We design and build furniture that is made to last, from one generation to the next. Michael’s traditional Japanese tools—chisels, saws and planes— hand-cut joints to keep nails and screws an infrequent addition to the solid wood construction. Wood is a living, changing material; this must be taken into consideration for the longevity of the piece. Consequently, our joints are chosen primarily for their structural integrity, but we also consider their inherent aesthetic value. Whether hand carving a seat or setting a butterfly joint, comfort, beauty and strength are foremost in our intentions. Our techniques ensure an enduring, functional work of art.

From Tree To Board

From start to finish, we are directly involved with the milling and drying process. Cut to our specifications, when we work with logs we are able to reduce the waste often incurred while milling. After being cut, our wood cures for anywhere from three months to two years. Often this drying takes place at our own shop; we air dry the boards to keep them as stable as possible before moving them into our solar run kiln. Our repurposed 20 ft shipping container kiln is powered by two solar panels and allows us to control the environment in which the wood finishes drying. This reduces the moisture content to a suitable level for furniture making.

How We Finish

Furniture is both an aesthetic object and one that must fulfill its function, so the finishes we use reflect beauty and durability equally, without compromising a consciousness towards our environment. We believe the natural beauty of wood is best displayed without the application of stains. Layer by layer, we hand rub our clear tung oil based finishes into the wood. Each coat dries and is lightly sanded before the next one is applied. This process allows the oil to penetrate the wood as well as build up a protective coat. Our finishes preserve the natural color, luminance and touch of the wood grain. They provide a strong, low maintenance, ring-free and environmentally friendly surface.

Honoring the natural beauty of wood through traditional craftsmanship, the responsible selection of materials and a modern approach to design.