Charleston Reclaimed Vanity

Heart Pine, Cast Iron Sink

23”D 20”W 31”H

Reduce, reuse, recycle has never looked so good. Our materials all come with a story, and this is no exception. A home renovation can yield all sorts of finds, but when the renovation is of a 1890’s Charleston single with floors and beams comprised of wood predating the home by at least 50 years, you know that this a find worthy of back flips. Old growth Heart Pine is hard to come by these days, but step back to the 19th century around Charleston, SC, and they had more than they knew what to do with. So they used what was local. The front door of this vanity— a book matched or mirror image panel— incorporates a repeating eye pattern so characteristic of Heart Pine. The sink, a casualty of another Charleston renovation, is a solid cast iron American Standard circa 1940. The sink has been refinished and, like the vanity door, has no hardware and is a tabula rasa for its future owner.