Butternut Sweep Cabinet

Butternut, Black Walnut

15 1/2"D 4'6"W 26"H

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Juxtaposition. Curve with angles. Dark with light. Mass with void. Strength in design lies in the ability to create opposition and tension without becoming incongruous. The central panel in this cabinet is a single sweeping board of Butternut, while the harder, geometric framing is in Butternut’s not-so-distant cousin Black Walnut. Raw edged Butternut meets planed and joined Black Walnut. Rich browns meet soft toffees. Wood meets thin air. Restraint in juxtaposition.


A one of a kind piece, this cabinet is without hardware, using the natural voids in the single curving Butternut board as 'handle' for opening and closing the case piece. Each of the four walnut legs is hand-turned, tapered and angled to position the cabinet hovering just above the ground.