About Editions

Like our one-off designs, our limited edition furniture is handcrafted from wood with unique stories, shared through traditional joinery and a considered modern aesthetic. Each editions collection revolves around the wood from a single tree, a design which capitalizes on the idiosyncrasies of the given material, and out of necessity, will only be available in a limited quantity dictated by material and design.

Engaging with the balance between form and function, we strive to design and build pieces that fit seamlessly, timelessly into your home and will endure for generations to come. We hope to create the types of pieces necessary for a functional space, with a focus on unusual, story telling materials and attention to time-tested structural and surface techniques. On each individual available product page you will find the tree’s story for that respective design.

Each numbered edition piece comes with a history of the tree from which it was created as well as details of the design. We are proud to say a donation is made to the Arbor Day Foundation for each piece of furniture we build; these donations plant trees and support educational programs.