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A slightly sawdust filled space for the musings and ramblings of a couple of arboreal eccentrics and their faithful hounds.

Season’s Greetings from Michael Moran & Furniture Friends

I had a blast making this holiday video with Fuzzco the other week. See if you can count just how many different kinds of wood we used in the 4-minute clip. Ah, the sweet smell of sawdust. Happy holidays!

Watch the Magic: Milling Oak Logs

I’m proud to be involved with a site-specific building project with Byers Design, a Charleston-based architecture and land planning firm. We’re currently in the first phases of constructing a single-family residence on a large, heavily wooded site that aims to be as green as possible, first by situating the home on the lot while cutting down as few trees as we can. Last week I went out to the site of The Beech House with Larry of Larry’s Portable Saw Mill to turn tree trunks into lumber. Take a look:

For more on the projected house, see the Byers Design blog. And of course, check back here for more updates!