The Workbench

A slightly sawdust filled space for the musings and ramblings of a couple of arboreal eccentrics and their faithful hounds.

Harry and Samson go shopping with the Times in tow

We loved seeing interior designer and friend Harry Heissmann (with pup Samson) in the Timesas they hit the shops for Christmas!

Walnut Table Runners!

If you have received this issue of Garden & Gun, you will see the new Black Walnut Table Runners featured. They are already finding good homes across the country! For the best pictures check out the magazine…here are a few rough shots to wet the appetite…

For more info, download the Summer Catalog on the main site, or feel free to contact me if you are interested!

Bourbon Crate!

Many thanks to Garden & Gun magazine for giving me the opportunity to create an 8 bottle bourbon crate for some of Pappy Van Winkle’s best! It was recently auctioned off at a G&G event in Atlanta. Check out the party pics and bourbon crate!
Many thanks to Peyton Avrett for the amazing metal work on the crate!

Watch the Magic: Milling Oak Logs

I’m proud to be involved with a site-specific building project with Byers Design, a Charleston-based architecture and land planning firm. We’re currently in the first phases of constructing a single-family residence on a large, heavily wooded site that aims to be as green as possible, first by situating the home on the lot while cutting down as few trees as we can. Last week I went out to the site of The Beech House with Larry of Larry’s Portable Saw Mill to turn tree trunks into lumber. Take a look:

For more on the projected house, see the Byers Design blog. And of course, check back here for more updates!