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About Us

At Moran Woodworked Furniture we are committed to honoring the natural beauty of wood through traditional craftsmanship, the responsible selection of materials and a modern approach to design. Since 2004, Michael Moran, and now his partner Celia Gibson, can be found, chisel in hand, building each unique object one piece at a time, one hand-cut joint at a time, watching wood become a functional work of art.

Our vision is one in which materials, primarily wood, and their natural characteristics are central. Taking these characteristics into consideration, our intention is to place each individual board and its idiosyncrasies into a context where it is best expressed aesthetically, ideologically and functionally.

We are interested in the interaction of the natural and man-made worlds. We work to discover where these worlds intersect and how they can complement and balance one another. Likewise, we are interested in the balance between form and function, between a coffee table and a wooden LP, and where on that scale each piece created lies.

All of the wood we use has a story that speaks to a concern for the origin and treatment of a tree during its life. These trees, primarily domestic hardwoods, come out of relationships we have built with individuals, communities and the land in which they have grown. We believe we have some of the most beautiful trees in the world in our own back yard.

We hope sincerely to do justice to trees and their beauty as they are met with the modern world.

Michael James Moran

Michael was born in Kentucky and lived in Tennessee and Wisconsin in his younger years. Academia and sport initially brought him to the College of Charleston in the late 90’s. In 2002, Michael began practicing his craft in Charleston, South Carolina, first as an apprentice and then as the proprietor of Moran Woodworked Furniture. Twelve years later, Michael and Celia moved their main workshop to an idyllic property in the Hudson Valley.  Michael is known to hug trees, particularly the numerous Maples surrounding his home, whenever possible.

Celia Gibson

Celia was born and raised in the southeast. She received her BA from Emory University in English and Art History. Her master’s studies at University College London focused on the science of vision and its impact on visual art in modern British literature. Over her last five years in London, Celia worked in arts publishing at the Tate and the Royal Academy of Art. In 2010, she moved back to the states to join Moran Woodworked Furniture as a partner. Now in the Hudson Valley, she loves to watch her backyard's ancient apple as each season presents itself from bare branch to bud to brilliant green leaves to crisp red globes of fruit.